Kiomi Romani


Kiomi Romani – – painted by SH Gill in 1955,just after it was moved from the Abbey Orchard to a field behind the Avon Hotel, Amesbury.

Kiomi Romani

The caravan in which Fidelis was born was a red Reading van, decorated with colourful carvings of grapes and vines, and with panels of stained glass in the roof and top gate windows.

Inside was a bed, a side bench, an anthracite stove (see the chimney) and a little sink.  Fidelis slept in a red canvas carry-cot which slid under her parents’ bed.  The Great Dane, Gunther, slept in the middle of the floor.


Colour photo from about 1959. B&W photo from about 1957.

After moving to a cottage in Wilton, Fidelis’s mother held onto the caravan, and kept it until a year before her death in 2001.

The caravan fell into great disrepair during the 1980s and 90s, and, having been restored by the present owners, is now somewhere on the Isle of Wight. Last seen in Godshill.