CHÉRI  Directed & designed by Philip Prowse at the Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre  – Fidelis played Cheri’s mother, the ex-showgirl, Charlotte Peloux

“As for the wonderful Fidelis Morgan as Charlotte – well my dear, the scene where she arrives at Lea’s door, all fabulous hat and fox-fur, to celebrate her post-menopausal state with a roar of: ‘We have ceased to be women! The beast is dead, thank God …’ is one of those Citz moments never to be forgotten. As the song says, you’ve either got or you haven’t got style; and when you’ve got it, it stands out a mile.” The Scotsman 

The splendidly booming Fidelis Morgan Daily Mail

Fidelis Morgan… has a wonderful time, clearly revelling in the opportunity to stretch her considerable talents  The Stage  

As Charlotte, Lea’s friend and Cherie’s mother bossing all and sundry, we had Fidelis Morgan once again treading the Citizen’s boards – why has this uniquely creative, stylish, multi-gifted woman left us for so long?  Plays International

The excellent… Fidelis Morgan turns in a thoroughbred performance as Chéri’s ab-fab clothes-horse of a mother, Charlotte.” Metro

Many years before Fidelis played the naughty schoolgirl, Anais, in Yvonne Mitchell’s radio adaptation of Colette’s Claudine at School for BBC radio 4

Fidelis has always identified strongly with the actress and writer Colette and is a great fan of her writing, so it was a particular pleasure to be able to perform in her work