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On film her last appearance was as Anne, one of the ladies of the royal court, with Kate Winslet in A Little Chaos

Fidelis played Daniel Massey’s wife in the anti-slave drama The Longest Memory, and (uncredited) Aunty Julie’s maid in the Glenda Jackson film Hedda

She can be briefly spied playing Matron in the Keira Knightley movie, Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go


On TV Fidelis appeared twice in the BBC series As Time Goes By, playing Dorcas, one of the annoying “Country Set”

She was recently seen playing Karen Carpenter’s overbearing mother, Agnes, in Goodbye To Love.

Fidelis has appeared in many other TV shows
She was delighted, when playing the formidable assistant registrar, to do scenes with Helen McCrory in Peter Lovesey’s crime thriller Dead Gorgeous

She played Rosalie in Fay Weldon’s Big Women
She made a tiny appearance as a newsreader in The Politician’s Wife and another in Lizzie’s Pictures, where she played a gallery owner.

She had a fun time on a weird Channel 4 Music-hall western called Mexican Rebels, directed by Ben Lewin, filmed at the Almeida Theatre with choreography by Lynn Seymour.  In this she played a male lawyer, Crawford, with a stick-on moustache and wore a suit previously worn by Sir John Mills.

Like most actors Fidelis has appeared in The Bill – four times in fact.  She played first an animal rights campaigner, then a member of a police selection board, then a consultant gynaecologist and finally an MEP who was mugged but hit back.  Oddly, the audience never seem to notice the change of employment.

Her first job was playing a chambermaid in the classic TV series The Liver Birds.  Her line was “I’m sorry, they’ve checked out.”  It’s strange how these things stick in the mind.

Another well-memorised line was “You clock on to show what time you finish work” in a training film for young Asians.  Fidelis played a car factory worker who had to teach Art Malik the regulations.


She has also appeared in three commercials.  The first was for Tizer Ice and featured Fidelis as a schoolteacher making a clay pot while seemingly having an orgasm at the wonderful taste of Tizer.  The ad attracted many complaints and was withdrawn!

Her next ad was a government invitation to attract new teachers.  Fewer teachers than ever joined.

Finally she had a great time as a bossy rich woman in John Lloyd’s fabulous ad for Kit-Kat.  Sadly it came out a few weeks before Tony Blair made a pronouncement against companies’ overuse of advertising confectionary because British kids are too fat.