Restoration Insult Generator


Choose male or female to find a perfect insult to use on the next idiot who crosses your path.

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I give no definitions of the words you’ll find in the Restoration Insult Generator – there are so many you’d better to look them up yourself.

All the words can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary and/or any respectable Dictionary of Historical Slang.  Every word comes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Do not assume that any word has its modern meaning.  Language changes.

You will get the picture when I tell you that during the 17th century a Jordan was a chamber pot, and, according to Francis Grosse’s Dictionary of  The Vulgar Tongue, a rantallion is “one whose scrotum was so relaxed as to be longer than his penis”, and a nincumpoop was “a foolish fellow who never saw his wife’s quim”.

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