The Murder Quadrille

In this intriguing novel written in the Hitchcock mode, Fidelis Morgan plays tag with the reader, taking them through the minds of six guests at a dinner party where Murder is on the Menu.  A new kind of suspense thriller.

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Unnatural Fire

A bawdy crime caper set in 1699 London. The Countess and Alpiew try to uncover an adulterer and instead unearth a plot involving corruption, alchemy, treason, transvestism and murder. With a guest appearance from Isaac Newton.

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The Rival Queens

The Countess and Alpiew stumble across the perils of syphilis and tea-drinking, while fending off the back-stage attention of a group of self-seeking theatricals. Guest Star – Samuel Pepys.

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The Ambitious Stepmother

The Countess and Alpiew go to Paris, acting as chaperones to a sullen teenager. Guest star: The Man In the Iron Mask.

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Fortune’s Slave

The Countess has a bit of money and decides to try the Stock Exchange. En route she encounters burglars, slave-drivers, disgruntled old misers, a would-be novelist and the odd corpse. Guest star Daniel Defoe

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Novels With Celia Imrie

Fidelis did the hostorical research for all of Celia Imrie’s novels, notably Orphans of the Storm about two Nicoise children lost on RMS Titanic and Meet Me at Rainbow Corner in which wartime letters written and received by Fidelis’s mother play a huge role

My Dark Rosaleen

A novel about Ireland, Catholics, Protestants, the Liverpool blitz and the Spanish Armada.

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Triple Shorts

A unique anthology consisting of short stories, short plays, sketches and monologues and short biographies.How Mata Hari, Helen of Troy and Queen Medb met their ends, parodies of Euripides, Chekhov and Shakespeare, audition speeches and comical revue sketches, a play about Suzanne Valadon and her son Maurice Utrillo, a selection of short stories of murder and petty crime.A truly entertaining rattlebag by this uniquely talented author.