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Restoration Insult Generator

Fed up of F*ing and Blinding?  Need to shock your friends with a novel insult?  Here you can find a multitude of original ways to put anyone down.

Which Character Are You?

If you’ve read the Countess series you’ll have fun working out which person you would be if you were to swap places.  Are you the barking mad French aristocrat – the Duchesse de Pigalle?  Or are you the quiet Irish maid, Pipe?  Perhaps you’re Jake, one of London’s Dusty boys.  You may even be the Countess or Alpiew.  Or, if you’re unlucky and unwashed, Godfrey.

There are 64 characters from the Countess series of books in the game. You only need to answer 6 simple questions about yourself and find out with which character you share most…

Restoration Name Generator

Need a good Restoration name?  Whether you choose to be male or female, master or servant, you can find your name here.  And you can have as many goes as you fancy…

Cause of Death Game

Can you match the celebrity with their bizarre death?


Now that you’ve had plenty of play-time perhaps you’d like to adorn your person or home with sayings from the Countess novels – there are aprons, caps, tee-shirts, mugs, notebooks.  All these and many more glorious items available at the Cafe Press shop.  They’d make a perfect present for an unsuspecting pal.

I assure you there’ll be no sodomy in my kitchen’aprons,
 ‘Passions’ and Slang mugs,
 Various t-shirts and other items of clothing    Slang and ‘Passions’buttons, magnets,journals and post-cards….