Countess – What People Say


REVIEWS by other Authors

The Countess and Alpiew are comic creations of genius.   The Herald

Enormously informative, great fun and blissfully compulsive – Get in on the act NOW! Plus: they may save your life and ignite a passion for history as it really was. Nothing changes except the survival of humour, in whatever dark age. I want MORE!    Frances Fyfield

If you haven’t yet made the acquaintance of the Countess and Alpiew, I urge you to do so at once. You will be rewarded with thrills and laughter aplenty.   Steven Saylor

Fidelis Morgan’s books are meticulous in their historical accuracy, zestful in their crime plotting, and very funny.  Simon Brett

A delicious, rollicking romp of a mystery that kept me enthralled. Fidelis Morgan writes just the sort of story I love, full of sensuous details that make history come alive… I can’t wait to read her next one.   Tess Gerritsen

A heady compound of wit, wisdom and wildness.  Val McDermid

I challenge you to open a Fidelis Morgan at any page and not to be grabbed and plunged into a story where the action is non-stop and outrageous. The Countess Ashby de la Zouche books are a joy, written with tremendous energy and flair. It goes without saying that Fidelis has done her history homework, but no one ever made history more fun.   Peter Lovesey

A perfect historical menu of crime and mystery, with the bonus of laughs aplenty.   Maxim Jakubowski

Restoration roller coaster ride, with laughs and screams, sex and violence, twists and turns and which never let up till the very last page.   Karin Slaughter