But It Still Goes On by Robert Graves


BUT IT STILL GOES ON had a ravishing cast, led by Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, Jack Klaff and Rachel Pickup.

A previously unperformed play by Robert Graves, dealing with the fallout from the First World War, homosexuality, both male and female, and the familial problems of surviving a successful but predatory father.

Directed by Fidelis at The Finborough Theatre, July 2018

Josh Ward and Jack Klaff

Claire Redcliffe and Rachel Pickup






★★★★  “Director Fidelis Morgan pulls out all the stops in this lavish and starry production… If it is an undiscovered gem you are looking for But It Still Goes On really fits the bill.”  London Pub Theatres

★★★★  “The Finborough has boldly gone where others have feared to tread and its bravery has been rewarded. Its production, directed with aplomb by Fidelis Morgan, fizzes like a newly opened bottle of vintage champagne. Farce, anger, jealousies, tragedy, sexual frisson and innuendo sit alongside each other… Another Finborough triumph. The cast is quite extraordinary”   Close-Up Culture

★★★★  “The cast is strong across the board. Alan Cox is sharply witty,  wicked and playful.”  The Spy In the Stalls

 ★★★★★  “Sophie Ward’s Charlotte is a tour de force – understated, restrained and self-destructive… But It Still Goes On, like all the best drama, retains relevance even today”.  Diva MagazineVictor Gardener and Sophie WardVictor Gardener and Sophie Ward

 “Beautifully played by Sophie Ward and Victor Gardener.”  The Stage

 “A coup for the tiny Finborough Theatre.” Broadway World

 “An intriguing rediscovery.”  British Theatre Guide