The Female Wits book jackets The Female Wits


One of Virago’s earliest non-fiction works.

A large anthology of plays by women playwrights of the Restoration, plus biographies of the playwrights, tables and lists of their works.

Also includes the full text of a satire on three of the women – The Female Wits.

This was the first book in 300 years to bring the work of these remarkable women to the public’s attention



A Woman of No Character book jacket

A Woman of No Character

Faber & Faber

A biography (using her own writings wherever possible) of the journalist, scandal-writer and playwright Delarivier Manley, whose work helped bring about the downfall of Churchill’s ancestor the Duke of Marlborough.


The Well-Known Troublemaker book jacket

The Well-Known Troublemaker

Faber & Faber

A biography of the riotous 18th century actress, writer and producer (not to mention oilwoman, puppeteer, male impersonator and sausage-seller), Charlotte Charke.

The book incorporates Charlotte’s own autobiography – with newly researched facts about her life.

The Years Between book jacket

The Years Between


A collection of British female playwrights of the first half of the 20th century.

Including such rep warhorses as Black Chiffon and The Constant Nymph, as well as war-time revue sketches by Hermione Gingold and others, and biographies of the writers, Daphne Du Maurier, Clemence Dane, Lesley Storm and the others in the book

The Female Tatler book jacket The Female Tatler

Dent Everyman

A collection of papers from the original Female Tatler, a twice weekly scandal sheet from 1709-10.

Female Playwrights of the Restoration book jacket Female Playwrights of the RestorationDent Everyman

A collection of comedies by women, with biographies of Mary Pix, Susanna Centlivre, Ariadne and Aphra Behn.

A Misogynist's Source Book jacket

A Misogynist’s Source Book

Jonathan Cape

An anthology of quotes against women (some by women), which through the arrangement, shows up some shocking and unlikely like-minded thinkers. The introduction discusses the links and relevance of the quotes which range from the Bible to the Beatles; Hindu scriptures to Hitler.

Bluff Your Way in Theatre book jacket

A Bluffer’s Guide to Theatre


Humorous guide to the Theatre – its history and traditions.

Re-published in the USA as Bluff Your Way in British Theatre.



Wicked book jacket



An anthology of writing by funny women through the ages. Dorothy Parker, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, Muriel Spark, Joan Rivers, and many many more

“Wicked should be prescribed reading. Chemists should stock it. Who needs Prozac?” Sue Townsend.



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