Goldoni & Lorca



THE IMPRESARIO FROM SMYRNA Fidelis played the French opera diva Lucrezia in Robert David MacDonald’s production, both in Glasgow and on tour in Italy. 

‘The performance by Fidelis Morgan is almost watertight and very fine’ Kaleidoscope Radio 4

‘Fidelis Morgan cuts a subtly treacherous Lucrezia’ Avvenire, Italy 

The costumes and wigs were made of cardboard and, once in them, the actors could not sit down till the show was over!  They also had a wide gap at the back and the actors wore nothing underneath, so when they turned they exposed their behinds to the audience.  Designed by Michael Levine







COUNTRY LIFE Fidelis played Brigida in Robert David MacDonald’s mammoth staging of La Villagatura, three plays by Goldoni.



I enjoyed the masterly way Fidelis Morgan milked Brigida of every drop of long-suffering commonsense Plays & Players

Fine performances include Fidelis Morgan’s delightfully knowing maid The Scotsman



At Nottingham Playhouse Fidelis played Helena Bonham Carter’s eldest sister Angustias in Pip Broughton’s production

The eldest daughter is pathetic and hysteric, she’s also comic in Fidelis Morgan’s performance. Radio Trent

An excellent performance full of taut humiliated angularity The Independent

The spinsterish sister she wrongs is wonderfully played, with Fidelis Morgan’s stylish and painful blend of dignity and absurdity  The Times