Triple Shorts



An anthology of short stories, biographies, sketches and playlets.


How ballroom dancing leads to murder, a swinging 60s dolly bird recalls her youth, a delivery boy steals mementos from movie stars, and other tales of petty crime and murder.


Revue sketches, theatrical monologues, parodies of Euripides, Shakespeare and Chekhov.  Plus a short play in three acts about the painter Suzanne Valadon and her son, Maurice Utrillo.


The lives and extraordinary deaths of three female icons: Helen of Troy, Mata Hari and Queen Medb – Irish Queen of the Fairies.  The lives serve as a prelude for the deaths – written here as a short story and two monologues.

TRIPLE SHORTS is a book for dipping. You’ll find every kind of style of writing and something to suit any mood.

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